Son of the South African pianist and French cellist of the same name, Maxime Olsson explores a multitude of musical styles and subtly blends rock and electro genres. Inspired by the vastly distinct works of Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg, Maxime Olsson identifies strongly with the films of Michel Gondry, as well as the fantastic and dark worlds created by Tim Burton. Fascinated by sound textures and harmonic colours, he created The Monroe Mornings, whose album Poisoned Lips was composed from a screenplay.


As a director of a number of video clips and short films, he draws on this experience to closely examine the relation between melody and image. Constantly looking for emotions in their rawest form, the essence of his work is to capture feeling and complexity in order to bring out the richness of his compositions. Positioned first and foremost at the heart of the screenplay, Maxime Olsson’s music becomes a fully-fledged character or even a discrete piece of scenery. More than mere superposition of computer media, image and sound enter into a languid dance, enchanting the spectator.  

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